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Newcomers' Club of Greater Victoria

Terms and Conditions

Members are expected to:
  • uphold the Constitution and Bylaws
  • sign a liability waiver each year
  • pay the annual membership fee by the due date and pay any other debts owing to NCGV 
  • participate in lunches and activities as they are interested and able
  • help to include and welcome newer members.

The length of membership is limited to four full membership years.

Membership will conclude on August 31st following the fourth anniversary of joining. These members will then be considered our graduates.

Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability 


General Liability Waiver

All activities of the NCGV are arranged and carried out by its members, without remuneration, solely for the benefit of the NCGV members. It is a condition of membership that members accept that neither the NCGV nor any member shall be liable to any other member or non-member or pet for damages or injury, however caused, suffered as a result of a person’s participation in any activity or function arranged or conducted by the NCGV. By submitting payment for membership and this registration form, I hereby waive the NCGV from any liability of injury or loss, or damage to personal property associated with activities or events in which I, or any of my family members or friends participate. I agree not to bring a claim against the organization, or organizers of any events, or against officers involved in the events. I understand that all activities participated in during events are done at my own risk and I accept full and all responsibility.

Social Host Alcohol Liability at NCGV Events 

The NCGV’s insurance coverage does not provide alcohol-related liability coverage for social situations in members’ homes where members are serving alcohol. When alcohol is served at a private residence as part of an NCGV event, the host is expected to responsibly oversee the serving of alcohol, just as she would when entertaining personal friends or family members. Members hosting events in their homes should ensure they have appropriate liability coverage through their homeowner's or renter's insurance. The Insurance Bureau of Canada site provides useful information.

Privacy of Personal Information 

The Newcomers’ Club of Greater Victoria (NCGV) only collects, uses and discloses member information that is necessary to fulfill NCGV purposes.  This includes such things as processing your application for membership in NCGV and for the following related purposes: to register you for monthly luncheons and participation in Club activities; to create a membership roster for use by Club members in accordance with the Bylaws; to provide you with membership information, included newsletters and notices; and to meet regulatory requirements under the Societies Act and the Private and Personal Information Act (PIPA) of B.C. We will send newsletters and provide the members’ roster only to paid members of our club.

Any member can exclude some information from the NCGV roster by listing the request under the Privacy Considerations section on the registration form.

As per Bylaw 60 and in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act of British Columbia, “The list of members is available for the private use and benefit of members only and is not to be used by the society or by any member for the purposes of sales or soliciting.”  Those wishing to share information about goods or services available from themselves or others may do so by submitting information for publication in the monthly newsletter.

Our Privacy Policy can be found on the NCGV website Home Page under Join Us, and under Members, >Members' Information. If you have further questions about the collection and use of your personal information, send them here

I agree to the above use of my personal information, and also agree to keep the NCGV roster confidential, NOT using it for purposes outside NCGV business, including use for commercial gain, any form of advertising or marketing, or distribution to third parties. It is the duty of all members to report such irregularities to the Executive immediately, and any misuse of NCGV or members’ information may lead to expulsion. 

NCGV Use of Images 

With today’s technology, it is almost certain that photos will be taken at NCGV events. You agree that the onus is on you to remove yourself from a potential or actual photo shoot if you do not want your photo taken or published in the NCGV’s newsletters, on the NCGV’s website, NCGV’s social network or any means used by the NCGV to promote the NCGV and its activities.

Members’ Use of Images

I understand that social media has become pervasive. I agree that when I have taken photos at NCGV events for my personal use and/or personal social network, that I will honour a member’s request to remove her photos from my social network and/or the public view. I will treat members with respect, just as I expect to be treated with respect. I agree that nobody needs to be portrayed in an unflattering or disrespectful manner.

New members: once you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions, please go to your profile (click on your name, top right) and check off your consent. Thank you!

Our Purpose

We offer women of all ages who are newcomers to the Greater Victoria area an opportunity to become acquainted with others through activities of mutual interest in an atmosphere of friendliness and goodwill, and to supply useful information about the local community to club members.

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